Singer Lady Gaga Celebrates 35th Birthday, Says She Only Needs Her Dogs And…

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Singer and actress Lady Gaga just celebrated her 35th birthday. She said in a statement that she only needs her doggos and her boyfriend Michael Polansky.

– Singer and actress Lady Gaga celebrated her 35th birthday in Italy as she is shooting for a film.
– Her boyfriend, Michael Polansky, then sent her a massive bouquet.
– The singer shared about it and in her caption, she said that her dogs and her boyfriend are all she…

Gaga received a huge bouquet of flowers and she posted a photo of her hugging it on her Instagram account. She said in the caption that her boyfriend was the one who gave this to her over the weekend. She added in the caption, “I love you honey. I can’t wait to be home with you and our dogs, that’s all I need.” Gaga cannot be with her boyfriend and her doggos as she is in Italy filming for the crime biopic “House of Gucci.”

The posting came weeks after two of her three doggos were taken by robbers from her dog walker, Ryan Fischer, who was shot during the violent incident.


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