Singer Katy Perry Gives Update On Fiancé Orlando Bloom After His Dog’s Death

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Singer Katy Perry recently gave an update about her new album. She also gave her fans an update about her fiancé Orlando Bloom on how he is doing since his dog just passed away.

– Katy Perry’s new album called “Smile” will be out this August 28.
– She revealed in an interview about the album the reason why it is called as such.
– She also talked about her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, as to how he is doing now after his dog died.

As for her new album, she said that it will be dropping this August 28 and it is called “Smile.” She said that the album is called “Smile” because she “literally lost” her smile and she had to go on a journey just to have it back again. She noted that losing her smile had something to do with how social media affected her because she became depressed because of it back in 2017 to 2018. She added on the album, “The record definitely has a lot of moments of hopefulness and light and resilience, and I know that for me, music has always been… a way to manage my emotions or understand them better.”

As for Bloom, Perry said that he is doing better after losing his dog Mighty. She said that Mighty was playing with another dog and escaped. Bloom found Mighty’s collar and they concluded that he already passed away. Bloom made noise on social media the past weeks because he was asking people to help him look for Mighty. Mighty was actually given to Bloom by Perry as a present when they first got together as a couple.


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