Singer Halsey Worried About Dogs, Other Animals After California Earthquake

A scared pup

A lot of celebrities took to Twitter to talk about the California earthquake that hit the state earlier this week. Singer Halsey shared on social media that she was worried about the dogs and other animals in the area during the unfortunate natural disaster.

– Singer Halsey took to social media to talk about the earthquake in California.
– She shared that she was away from her doggo during the earthquake.
– Paris Jackson also shared that her dog was so scared from the natural disaster.

Singer Halsey shared on social media, “I feel bad for every animal thats dealing with earthquakes and fireworks this week ?? pls keep ur babies close. I miss mine so so so much and wish I could hold him.” Paris Jackson also shared that her dog was so scared from the earthquake that it “sprinted up the stairs” looking for the daughter of the late musician Michael Jackson.

The 7.1 earthquake was felt in Los Angeles just a day after the 6.4 magnitude that hit the same area. This is the largest earthquake that hit California in the last two decades. There were no serious injuries brought about by the earthquake but there were fires, gas leaks, power cuts, and roads that were destroyed. Las Vegas also felt the earthquake as well as some parts of Mexico.


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