Singer Hailee Steinfeld Shares Reason Behind Her New Doggo’s Name And Her New Music

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Singer Hailee Steinfeld has been busy reaching out to her fans the past days because of the coronavirus outbreak. She shared in her responses the reason behind her new doggo’s name and she made her fans excited because she said she will be releasing new music soon.

– Singer Hailee Steinfeld revealed the reason behind her dog Martini’s name.
– She got her dog earlier this month.
– She said that Martini had something to do with film terms because…

Just this March, Steinfeld showed off her new puppy. She said that she hasn’t been on social media a lot because of her new doggo. She revealed in her post that the new dog’s name is Martini. Days later, when some asked why she named the dog Martini, she shared, “In film terms, ‘Martini’ means the final shot before wrapping the set for the day. She was the last lil baby I saw after a few months of looking. Plus she’s teenie.”


As for her new music, Steinfeld assured her fans that new songs from her will be coming out very soon after her last single was released on New Year.

The singer and actress also asked her fans if they were doing well amidst the pandemic.

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