Singer Claims Her Dog Is Fine, Happy, And Healthy Despite Being Dyed Pink Every Now And Then

A Maltipoo

Gwenneisa Lillard, a hip-hop singer from Houston, Texas, is facing backlash after she revealed that she dyes her doggo pink every now and then. Animal rights activists said that what she is doing to her doggo is inhumane and cruel.

– A dog has been featured in a couple of music videos of a singer from Texas.
– The dog has been dyed pink.
– Animal rights activists claim that…

The dog, a maltipoo, became famous after she was featured in a couple of the singer’s music videos. The singer shared that she spends $150 every time she dyes her dog pink and she slammed her critics saying that her dog is fine, happy, and healthy. She added that her critics should just focus on those who are really abusing their pets. She noted as well that the dye used on the dog is all natural thus it is harmless to the dog.

Aside from that, the singer shared that she does not dye her dog on her own. She gets the dog’s fur done at a salon and she gets all the love and care that she needs. The dog is also an emotional support dog so the singer brings her anywhere she goes.


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