Singer Barbra Streisand Spotted Out With Her Two Cloned Dogs

A Coton de Tulear dog

Over the weekend, singer Barbra Streisand took her two cloned doggos out. They were at the British Summer Time Hyde Park last Sunday.

– Singer Barbra Streisand was out with her dogs at the British Summer Time Hyde Park last Sunday.
– She sang songs with Lionel Richie and Kris Kristofferson.
– The two dogs were cloned from her Coteon de Tulear…

Streisand and the dogs were on stage over the weekend. Streisand sand a duet of “The Way We Were” with Lionel Richie. She also sang with Kris Kristofferson for “A Star Is Born” and “The Love Inside.” The outing with her two cloned dogs comes after they went to visit the “mother” of Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet.


The cloned dogs, namely Miss Scarlet and Miss Violet, were cloned from the Coteon de Tulear doggos that Streisand had in the past. The doggo, Samantha, died in 2017. The clones were created at a laboratory in South Korea by getting cells from the mouth and stomach of Samantha.

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