Singer Barbra Streisand Took Her Cloned Dogs To The Grave Of…

A Coton de Tulear dog

Musician Barbra Streisand was criticized last year for cloning her doggo. Recently, she posted on Instagram a photo of her cloned dogs at the grave of their “mother.”

– Barbra Streisand took her cloned dogs to the grave of their “mother.”
– The mother referred to be Streisand is her original Coton du Tulear doggo.
– The dog is where the twins, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, were cloned from.

The dogs were cloned from the 14-year-old Coton du Tulear doggo of Streisand, who recently died. The cloned doggos, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, were spotted on top of the tombstone of the late doggo, Samantha. Another dog was there too and she was identified as Fanny, the cousin of the twin doggos, per the post of Streisand.


Samantha died in 2017 and before she passed away, Streisand had the dog’s cells taken from the doggo’s moth and stomach so that the twins could be produced. Cloning a doggo is said to cost around $100,000.

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