Singer Ariana Grande Posts Photos Of Myron, Toulouse On Her Instagram Account

A pitbull mix

Ariana Grande is a huge dog lover. She has a lot of rescue dogs and recently, she posted about Toulouse and Myron, the dog of her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, on her Instagram account.

– Ariana Grande posted about late Mac Miller’s dog, Myron.
– Myron was seen cuddling and playing with Grande.
– Myron also played with Grande’s other doggo Toulouse.

In the video posted by Grande, Myron the dog could be seen cuddling and playing with Grande. She captioned the post with the words, “all the kisses. happy fall.” Later in the video, Myron was spotted licking Grande. Another video was posted on her Instagram later and it showed Myron playing with Grande’s other doggo, Toulouse.

Aside from Myron, Grande also posted other photos of Toulouse. Toulouse has been a staple in many of Grande’s posts and even in her music videos.


Grande has eight other rescue doggos named Cinnamon, Coco, Fawkes, Lafayette, Ophelia, Pignoli, Sirius, and Strauss.

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