Singer Ariana Grande Opens Up A Doggo Shelter In…

A brown chihuahua lying on the grass

If she is not busy making music and filming music videos, Ariana Grande is just chilling at home with her doggos. And now, she added another task on her list – to run a doggo shelter.

– Ariana Grande just opened up a non-profit organization for doggos and cats.
– It is called Orange Twins Rescue.
– The rescue shelter has an Instagram account that has the handle…

According to her Instagram, she founded the non-profit animal rescue shelter called Orange Twins Rescue. It is located in Los Angeles and it takes care of doggos and cats alike. It is already in operation and she noted on her Instagram page that they are “happy, proud and excited” with this venture. The website for the organization will be up and running soon. For now, they are posting photos of the adoptable dogs and cats on their Instagram account with the handle @orangetwinsrescue.

Some of the featured animals on the Instagram account are a 20-year-old Chihuahua and a cat named Mani, who just went through surgery. They also have a doggo that is looking for a foster family because they believe someone owns the cute doggo.


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