Do You Sing Or Play An Instrument? Humane Society Hopes To Sign You To Play For…

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

In Routt County, Colorado, specifically in Steamboat Springs, their Humane Society is looking for musicians to sign up. The musicians will be performing not to humans but to canines.

– The Humane Society in Steamboat Springs is looking for musicians.
– They are asking these musicians to volunteer in the society.
– They will play music to doggos at the kennels.

The musicians would be playing music for the doggos on a weekly and volunteer basis. Cary Rentola, Humane Society development and communications manager, said that the program will give them the chance to welcome the community into the shelter and help make the lives of doggos under their care be better.


Rentola said that they are not restricting the genre of music to be played to classical music only. They welcome all kinds of calming music such as children’s lullabies or other tranquil songs. Anyone who would want to volunteer and play music for the dogs may call the Humane Society at 970-879-7247.

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