This Is Sad: Singer Sia Feared Relapse After Her Doggo Died

A sad dog

One of the renowned artists in the music industry is Sia and she recently revealed that her doggo died. Because of this, she shared in a statement that she feared she will relapse because of the death of her doggo.

– Singer Sia just lost her dog.
– Sia revealed that losing her dog, Pantera Marvelous, was her greatest fear.
– The singer added that she feared she would relapse or join her pet when the time came that he had to cross the rainbow bridge.

The dog passed away 16 years after Sia rescued him as a stray. A few days after the announcement of the dog’s, Pantera Marvelous, death, Sia shared to her fans that she never imagined she would handle losing her beloved fur baby “without relapsing or joining him.” She added that her greatest fear was actually the death of her doggo.


In the past, Sia has suffered from substance addiction. After admitting such on Twitter, Sia’s fans offered her support.

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