These Shelter Dogs Are Using Music And Different Kinds Of Aromas To Destress

Dogs at a shelter

Classical music is always used to help dogs calm down and feel relaxed. One local shelter uses such music and specific aromas in order to let the dogs destress.

– Dogs at the shelter are exposed to classical music and lavender.
– Researchers in Queensland wanted to help more dogs get rehomed.
– Being at the shelter could be stressful for dogs because…

Researchers from the University of Queensland conducted the study at a local animal shelter. Life at the shelter has become destressing for dogs because of many circumstances. The researchers wanted to use simple sensory and behavioral interventions in order to help the dogs adopt better and be able to manage stress more effectively. One of the researchers revealed that they used lavender and classical music to 60 dogs.

They filmed the dogs when they used such music and scent in order to know which one works best. The researchers hope their study will soon have a positive effect on dogs for them to get adopted soon.


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