Do You Play The Cello? You Should Probably Put That To Another Use Like This Cellist Does For Dogs

A sad dog at a shelter

Music is really great for dogs and more and more shelters try to play as much music as possible to keep their doggos calm. However, one cellist from Papillon, Nebraska, believed that it was better to play live music to these animals.

– Dogs can be less anxious by listening to music.
– A cellist decided to play for animals from different shelters.
– She hopes her music will help doggos get adopted.

According to reports, the cellist, Cheryl Wallace, decided to use her talent in playing the cello to play music for dogs from different shelters around her area. This has been going on for the past six months already. She shared in a recent statement, “Now, if you were playing in a concert hall and your audience went to sleep, you might be insulted. But for me that is a high compliment.” Wallace hopes her music will help these shelter dogs to have better chances to get adopted.

There have been a number of studies claiming that classical and reggae music can help make anxious dogs calmer.


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