Singer Shania Twain Reveals Cuddling With Her Dog Is What Makes Her…

A dog near a cold lake

Singer Shania Twain is quite busy with her residency in Las Vegas but whenever she has some time off, she revealed what makes her happy. She noted that she loves cuddling with her dog somewhere in Switzerland.

– Singer Shania Twain has been busy for the past couple of weeks.
– Last week, however, she was home in Switzerland.
– She posted a photo of her and one of her dogs in their patio and she said that it was her…

Last week, the 54-year-old singer shared on her Instagram account a photo of her and one of her dogs beside a lake. She captioned the photo with the words “My happy place.” Accordingly, her happy place is located at her home in Corseaux, Switzerland and the photo was taken in her patio. There was even a bonfire to complete the cuddly and cozy vibe. She is a huge dog lover and posts photos of her doggos from time to time.

Twain has been busy since late last year because her Las Vegas residency started in December 2019.


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