Selena Gomez Spotted Once Again With Her New Doggo, Winnie

A white dog on the grass

Musician Selena Gomez was once again seen with her new doggo, who was identified as Winnie. Gomez and her doggo were with the singer’s friends while they were out on a hike in Los Angeles.

– Musician Selena Gomez was spotted with her new dog, Winnie.
– She went on a hike with the dog and some of her friends in Los Angeles.
– Gomez acquired her new dog before or after April this year.

It is believed that Gomez adopted her doggo Winnie before April or sometime in April. The singer was first spotted with Winnie at this year’s Coachella Music Festival. A few days ago, one of Gomez’s friends took to Instagram to post a photo of them with their dogs. They referred to themselves in the caption as dog moms. In her latest outing, it is unclear who the friends she was with at the hike were.

Gomez recently had a press tour for her new movie “The Dead Don’t Die.”


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