Selena Gomez Talks About New Music, Other Activities During Quarantine – One Of Her Doggos Also…

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Singer Selena Gomez recently talked about how she has been doing while under quarantine. She said that she is making some new music, reading, and is doing other activities. One of her doggos also made it to the video that Gomez recorded.

– Singer Selena Gomez talks about making some new music during this quarantine.
– She recently took part of the “TakeABreak” series of Instagram.
– One of her dogs, Daisy, was also in the video and…

Gomez took part of the #TakeABreak series of Instagram and she told fans that it is very important to take care of yourself during this time. She shared that she has been reading her Dialectical Behavior Therapy Books. She further showed her fans her makeshift studio at home where she does her music that needs to be done.


Later, she showed her doggo, Daisy. In the video, Daisy was being fed by Gomez. The singer also talked about how she ends her day saying that she feels really nice when she has her heating pad, her journal, rosewater, some candle, and her doggo, Daisy. Her other doggo, Winnie, has not been seen in the video.

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