Selena Gomez And Her Doggo Are Too Cute! They Just Attended A Party For…

A white Maltese dog

Singer Selena Gomez was with her doggo recently and they attended a party together. The party was thrown by the musician’s friend, which was for the friend’s fur baby.

– Selena Gomez attended a birthday party recently.
– The birthday party was for Gomez’s friend’s dogggo.
– In a video clip on Instagram, it showed Gomez with her new pup, Winnie, singing…

According to reports, the doggo that has a birthday party is a Cocker Spaniel named Freddy. Per the Instagram account “theselenarundown,” it showed Gomez holding her puppy, Winnie, while they had a great time at the party. Gomez was all smiles while they sang Happy Birthday for the doggo in the short video. The birthday party was reportedly held at Los Angeles.


Gomez has been spotted with her new dog months ago. It is unclear when Gomez got Winnie and if she adopted the dog or bought it from a breeder.

Gomez is planning to release new music after being on break to focus on her mental health.

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