Second Annual Community Dog Show Expo Was Filled With Music, Prizes, And Fun!

Dogs at a dog show

The second annual Community Dog Show Expo in Eastlake, Ohio took place over the weekend. Doggos, dog owners, and dog lovers all enjoyed a day of dun, music, and entertainment.

– This year, the second annual Community Dog Show Expo took place.
– This was held in Eastlake, Ohio.
– Dogs were able to enjoy games, prizes, and treats.

The event was held at the American-Croatian Lodge from 1 through 4 P.M. A total of 150 dogs were registered for the show, which was more than twice the 65 doggos that attended last year. There were a lot of contests at the event like Biggest and Smallest Dog, Best Trained Dog, Best Trick, and Agility.

There was also a costume contest and musical doggos. Musical doggos was the version of musical chairs for doggos.


Dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers were all able to enjoy the event as they also socialized with those at the event. The event’s proceeds will be given to 911 Dog Rescue.

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