Calling All Sausage Doggos: You Cute Little Ones Are Needed By The…

A photo of a dachshund sausage dog

Sausage dogs are needed by the White Cross Vets at their new clinic in Handsworth, Sheffield in the United Kingdom. The first 100 doggos will be receiving free consultation.

Sausage doggos will have free consultation at a new clinic in the UK.
– A family of vets opened the clinic to help dogs, dog owners and other pets.
– The clinic plays music to calm dogs and cats and they also have wards that are…

The new clinic is owned by a family. One of the vets even has her own dachshund named Percy. Accordingly, the clinic has sound proof wards for both doggos and cats. The veterinarians in this clinic also use music that was specifically composed to relax and calm doggos and cats whenever they are at the clinic. The wards also have soft beddings and warm LED lights.

Aside from the great music for dogs and cats, the clinic also offers low costs of vaccinations to celebrate the opening of their new clinic. The promo will run through July 31.


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