‘Royals’ Singer Talks About New Music Months After Her Doggo Passed Away

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Singer Lorde has not released any new music but she hinted just recently that some songs from her might be out by 2021. She gave this announcement months after her doggo passed away.

– Lorde hinted for the release of her new music.
– She urged her fans to vote in New Zealand on October 17 and in return, she will give them something.
– She had to postpone her album because her dog died.

Lorde first urged her fans in New Zealand to take part of the upcoming elections in the area. Later, she said that she would give her fans “something in return” if they do vote this October 17. The full statement via her Instagram story reads, “Do it for our beautiful country and for me. And next year I’ll give you something in return.”

The statement was made months after Lorde had to postpone the release of her new album because of the death of her doggo Pearl. She reportedly started going to her studio again in December and she promises that good things will be out soon. She also told her fans to be patient in waiting because she wants her new album to stand the test of time.


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