Restaurant In Oregon Allowed Dogs To Party On Its Patio – How Cool Was That???

A dog waiting to be adopted

More and more restaurants have been offering dog-friendly services. One restaurant in particular is located in Oregon and it allowed dogs and dog owners to party on its patio.

Dog owners were able to bring their doggos at an event.
– The event was held at the patio of an Oregon restaurant called Lily’s Bistro.
– There were dogs from an adoption center called…

The restaurant is located Lily’s Bistro and is located at 329 E Fifth St. in Dayton at the Oregon District. Dog owners were able to party with their doggos from 5 P.M. through 10 P.M. last May 17. The co-owner of the restaurant, Emily Mendenhall, said that she considers herself to love cats more but she still like being around dogs. The event was to increase the chances of dogs to be adopted. The dogs were from SISCA Pet Adoption Center.

During the event, the doggos enjoyed cinnamon roll gourmet treats. This is the second year that the event especially made for doggos took place.


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