Residents, Doggos Enjoyed A Christmas Party Set Up Just For Them!

A photo of a dog and his owner holding a beer

Five Bells Public House decided to throw a Christmas party for the residents there and their doggos. A total of 14 dogs were at the dog-friendly event that was surely a lot of fun!

– Fourteen doggos attended the Christmas party at the Five Bells Public House.
– Most of the pubs in the area are dog-friendly.
– A Christmas party was thrown for the doggos and their owners because…

At the event, there were human and dog mince pies, sausage rolls for everyone, and even beer that’s safe for doggos to drink. During the event, there was music and also a visit from Santa Paws, who gave the doggos some treats.

The Five Bells Public House is actually one of the many dog-friendly pubs in the area. A spokesperson shared, “We thought that Christmas isn’t just for us – our furry friends enjoy it too. We wanted to make a special day dedicated to them.” The attendants were from both the Colchester and Gosfield areas.


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