Classical Music Isn’t The Only Type Of Music That Dogs Like – Find Out What Your Dog Might Love To Listen To

A dog listening to music

Dogs love music just like humans do. However, they might not want to listen to John Legend, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, or Beyonce.

– Classical music and soft music might be what other dogs enjoy.
– However, dogs during a recent study prefer reggae and soft rock.
– They felt relaxed when they listened to these types of music.

A lot of researchers have used classical music ass the main type of music that calms and relaxes dogs. One study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison said that dogs prefer specific pitches, tones, and tempos just like humans do. And it might be surprising to most dog owners because a new study from the University of Glasgow claims that reggae and soft rock might be the best music that your dog will enjoy.

If reggae or soft rock do not work for your dog, it is best to just play soft music when the need arise.


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