Recipient Of Music Festival Teaches Others To Train Their Own Emotional Support Animal

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Imagine-Twogether Festival took place over the weekend. During the event there was music and art. The beneficiary of the music festival now helps other people to train their own emotional support dog or other animals.

– A music festival for the abused took place over the weekend.
– Autumn Irwin started K-9 Cares after she had her service doggo as a form of coping from the abuse.
– She hopes that more people will have a bond with dogs or other animals.

The organizers of the festival wanted to raise funds for the victims of abuse. More than 35 bands performed in order to keep the music festival goers entertained. The beneficiary of the event is Autumn Irwin, who has her own service dog and goes to work with her every day. Irwin started K-9 Cares because she found out that having a dog or an animal with you after an abuse is a “major healing property.”

K-9 Cares hopes to create a bond between dogs and humans or other animals and humans whether it’s a foster home, a sexual assault center, group home, and the like.


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