Recent Theme For Photography Club Featured Live Bands, Talented Doggos

A cute Husky mix waiting to be adopted

If there are two things that always go together, it is music and doggos. Recently, a photography club asked its members to submit photos of live bands and talented doggos.

– A doggo was the star of a photo.
– The dog was seen in the snap playing the piano.
– The photo was submitted to…

One of the photos involving dogs this week was submitted by dog owner Victoria Wingrove. The dog owner claims she has a very talented doggo and in the snap, the animal was playing the piano. Most of the photos submitted are that of humans. One member submitted a photo of a girl playing the drums, a girl playing the guitar while in a field of poppies, and a photo of a band practicing at a garden.

The submission of photos is actually a contest. The winner will be announced soon. The theme this week is traveling so if you want to join, submit it through the Facebook page of Camera Club.


See the cute photos from the detailed scoop of Rebecca Whittaker at –

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