Do You Want To Read About A Man’s Life Who Has Had 17 Dogs And Loved Music?

A Golden Retriever in the fields

A book called “Woof! A Love Story Of Dogs, Music, And Life” was written by author Robert Freeman. The book features the 17 dogs he has had in his life.

– A new book about dogs has been published.
– The book is titled “Woof! A Love Story of Dogs, Music, And Life.”
– The author talks about the 17 dogs he has had in his life.

The chapters of the books pertain to each doggo that made his life happier. Accordingly, the stories are very amusing and it would be a fun read for those seeking something funny and positive. The dogs are 11 Golden retrievers and six other dog breeds. The book zeroes in on the joys of having a dog and the responsibilities that come with it.


He also talks about his life with his wife, Carol, with whom he has been married with for 42 years. Also, he boasted about directing the Eastman School of Music for 24 years.

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