Rapper French Montana’s Doggo Is One Of The Most Adorable Celebrity Dogs There Is!

A photo of a Tibetan mastiff

Rapper French Montana has a doggo and that dog is one of the most adorable celebrity dogs there is. Photos of the dog are all over the American musician’s Instagram account and a lot of people are gushing over the animal.

– French Montana, a rapper, has an adorable dog.
– The dog is a Tibetan Mountain dog.
– The doggo is only one year old but…

The doggo, a Tibetan Mountain dog named Champ, is so huge but it is only one year old. Many people commented on the photos of the doggo asking about what breed the dog is and how much they adore the pet.

Aside from the doggo, French Montana also has a pet monkey. The rapper has had the monkey for four years now.


If you want to see the dog’s photos, click here – https://www.capitalxtra.com



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