Rapper Dyes His Doggo Red And Uploads It On Social Media – Some People Are Furious And Upset

A Chihuahua mix doggo

A rapper named Valee took to his Instagram account to upload a video of his dog. That is not what this news is about though because the dog was dyed red.

– Rapper Valee received backlash on social media.
– He dyed his dog red.
– He claimed it was only vegan dye.

The video was also uploaded on Twitter and many called him out for dying his dog red. The Chihuahua was seen walking somewhere and the rapper captioned his post with the words, “he redid 2 go.” The post had more than 20,000 likes and almost 3,000 comments. Some retweeted it saying that someone should report the rapper for animal abuse and that what he did to the animal was horrible. Others were concerned about the hot pavement that the dog was walking on since it is summer in the United States.


In response to the comments, the rapper said it was only a vegan dye so it had no chemicals and that it was only 60 degrees in where they were so it was not too hot for the dog to walk on the pavement. The rapper did not take down the videos of the doggo.

To read more of this scoop, go to Eric Todisco’s article at – https://people.com/pets/

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