This Rapper Just Adopted Two Dogs And They Are Adorable!

Two beagles in a yard

An American rapper just adopted two doggos. The musician then posted photos of him with the new fur babies on his social media and they are adorable!

– American rapper Lil Nas X took to Twitter to say that he was looking to adopt a dog.
– He then posted a photo of two doggos at an adoption center as he was not sure who to take home.
– Later, he revealed that he adopted the two dogs.

The rapper, Lil Nas X, initially shared days ago that he wanted a new dog. He was at the adoption center and saw two doggos but he said he had to choose only one. A lot of people started commenting and giving him the pros regarding each doggo to help him choose. The 20-year-old rapper later responded with a photo of him and the two doggos, whom he adopted both.


Lil Nas X became an overnight rapper sensation after he released “Old Town Road” remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

To see the photos of the two dogs, read the amazing scoop of Matt McNulty at –

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