Radio Host Did Not Have Second Thoughts To Save A Doggo That Was…

A photo of a cute dog inside a car

A radio host for the radio show “Morning Mumble” found a doggo left inside a hot car. He did not hesitate to step in and intervene in order to save the doggo from further danger.

– A dog was left inside a hot car.
– The dog was already drooling and drenched in its own sweat.
– The dog was rescued by a radio host and his friend.

The radio host took to Instagram to talk about the incident that took place on Sunday. He said that he saw the dog already drooling and drenched in its own sweat. The radio host was with his friend that time and the friend smashed the car’s window to get to the dog. They later called the cops and the police told them they did the right thing because if the dog stayed in there for a few more minutes, it would have died.


The dog owner was later traced and did not show any remorse with what he did. It is unclear if the dog owner will be fined or charged. The radio host urged others to look out for doggos who might have been left in hot cars.

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