What Should A Quinceañera Have To Be Unique? A Doggo, Mexican Music, Costumes And More

A dog wearing a tiara

A dog owner threw a unique Quinceañera for her doggo. There was Mexican music, little doggos in costume, doggie treats, and more.

A dog owner threw a Quinceañera for her dog.
– The dog is 15 years old in dog years.
– There were other doggies at the party and they all wore…

The dog owner took to Twitter to post photos of the fun party for her doggo. The doggo who celebrated its birthday wore a white dress and a tiara just like any other teen celebrating her Quinceañera. The dog, in human years, is only two years and a few months old. In dog years, however, the dog is already 15 years old. The dog owner said that the Quinceañera was just an excuse for her to get her family together to eat and celebrate.


There were a total of seven doggo guests and they all wore cute costumes at the party. There were also a doggy water station, gift bags, cupcakes, cake pops, and more.

Read the fun scoop by Suzannah Weiss here – https://www.teenvogue.com/



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