The Sixth Annual Puppy Pancake Brunch Was A Hit! Dogs Were Having The Time Of Their Life

A dog eating some pancakes

Canada is home to a lot of Filipinos and this year, the people originally from Philippines imparted their tradition and incorporated it to the third annual Filipino Stampede Breakfast. The sixth annual puppy pancake brunch was also another event that Calgarians loved.

An annual event in Calgary, Canada was dog-friendly.
– It included the sixth annual Puppy Pancake Brunch.
– There was also live music during the third annual Filipino Stampede Breakfast.

During the Stampede Breakfast, event-goers were served with fried rice, sweet and spicy sausage, and more. During the event, there were a lot of live music performances and the presence of the CBS Kids’ mascot, Ceebee. The other activities were wagon rides, pony rides, wall climbing, and climbing a fire truck.


As for the Puppy Pancake Brunch, doggos were able to enjoy eating their healthy hotcakes. The local rescue shelters in and around the community were the center of the Puppy Pancake Brunch.

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