VIP? Yup, A Very Important Puppy Visited This Music School To Say Thank You

A guide dog with a blind woman

A very important puppy, which is a guide dog, visited Moo Music. The music school helped raise funds for the training of the guide doggo.

A dog was supported by a music school called Moo Music.
– They named the soon-to-be guide dog, Maggie.
– The doggo visited Moo Music for the first time and…

The doggo is now six months old and it has learned the basic obedience commands before being part of a Guide Dog partnership. Moo Music decided to help the doggo become a guide dog for someone and raised £2,500 to pay part for its training. Moo Music also chose the doggo’s name, Maggie.


Doggos being trained to be guide dogs cost around £57,000 through the Guide Dog partnership. Without the donations from the public, the 4,500 Guide Dog partnerships all over the United Kingdom would not have been possible.

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