Pretty Princess Rap




“Pretty Princess Rides Vegas” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

Pretty Princess being a glamour queen had a dream of checking out the gambling scene! She therefore mushed a team of diva themed husky girl means to the desert scene!! The girls were pumped and ready to rump Las Vegas with a thump. Their travel deal had to use a sled on wheels since there was no snow to seal the grounds so sliding around was out of bounds and riding around would have to be on empty grounds for these sexy hounds heading to the Vegas town!!

Woofdriver gave the pups one of his dog cart setups this was hot stuff for these foxy ruff ruffs!! This ride was like a FURrari type kind the ultimate find with a misting system to provide cooling assistance so they could ride the distance and ease any resistance, as they ride the deserts hindrance!!

Their trip finally arrived at the Vegas strip and they were so hip to get into the fountains and flip their paws and water their jaws because the trip was really a haul!! Boy did they have a ball playing their all this is Vegas and they have answered their call!!


Now into the casino they would go to strut their tails and show off their manicured nails of course all the big dogs would look without fail!! Whistles were heard like trying to hail a cab but these were just males trying to nab and grab these pup starlets for a little talk and gab because these babes looked so fab!! The girls weren’t having any of this jive, they just said hi, winked their eyes, and moved on by as the guys were howling with goey like sighs!!

The hotties then caught a show with one of their long time hoes she wasnt a foe she was Foxy Roxy and wow she was such a Hotsie!! She would prance and sing as she would light the stage with her dance and bling!! She was a famous hound impersonator from scooby doo, to snoopy, and even Winnie the Pooh!! Winnie was a bear so everybody just stared, but Roxy didn’t care they both have hair and she was so cool with her flair they could both be quite the pair!!

After the show it was time to go and try to meet some bros!! So they would blow out of the show like they were chasing a doe and hightailed it down the road!! They hit the minus 5 degree ice club, wow this was the hub for husky girls to love, it must have been sent from the heavens above!! An ice age place, this was like their stage and of course all the rage they thought they now turned the page on the desert heat phase they were in the right place this is their kind of space you could see the joy all over their face!!


As the night froze on, the girls were ready to be gone, they found there were no dog bones here or male pups they wanted to be near so this wasn’t a fear just time to steer on clear out of this clubs frozen frontier. They rolled on and found what appeared a dog hotel, but oh dear this was a place that serves dogs and beer!!

This place appropriately named the dog house served dogs but thank gosh not the ones that bark or run just ones that are on a bun!! So they ate, laughed, and reminisced about the fun and hard run they did under the sun to make it here without coming undone!! There was so much love within their WooFPAK they will plan another trip back but for now its a rap so no more yap!!

“The Pretty Princess’s Divas” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

All the boys go rattling their toys and try to make some noise and get us into a pretty girl poise!! That’s ok we all know their play so everyday they can have it their way!! We’ll strut our tails and flash our nails but these wild males ain’t gonna do nothing but fail, so they better go ahead and bale, because if they make a scene we might have to send their dreams to jail that’s how us girls team and sail!!

You see we are the princess’s divas and we ain’t gonna feed ya, but if you play your cards right we might just please ya!! That’s right we wrote the book on how to lead ya, and make them boys do nothing but need ya!! Now I ain’t talking about running a sledding rout, because I don’t even have to tout that we can run the sled all about!! Through the tundra and you won’t have to wonda (wonder) why you all are diva lovas!!

That’s right we can hang tight with any sled dog brothers or for that any others!! You know us sisters are nature lovers and got good work ethics from our mothers so if you feel the need to challenge our speed you better be ready to concede that we are the best indeed!!

HAY, all you wild hounds I hope your jamming to our sounds and barking real proud!! That’s right we always shine real bright and everything we do is out of sight!! Now we gonna light this town with our sweet howling sounds that’s why all us prima-donna hounds are wearing the Diva Crown. You see we can always be found waving our tails around and banging our paws on the ground now get real loud and and keep rocking til’ they close this place down!!

Living life out of sight is what us pretty girls like!! Now your boyfriend might bark wow they look so right because he sees our light; us husky girls always rock the night and that is alright, our WooFPAK is so very tight!!

So get it together and you too can roll with us forever pulling sleds, making the earth your bed, we dread the heat, have pads on our feet, love to meet new pups though sometimes we need to show them what’s up that’s how we ruff and strut out stuff and fluff our hair to keep us warm like a bear even in the coldest of air yeah we got flair so don’t you dare take too long of a stare because you will scare us right out of there, now that’s how we fare and if you want to pair with one of us you better know what’s up now I’m going to huff & puff like us hounds pant and that’s a wrap of this jamming rant!!

“Doin It Dog” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

We gonna create some thunder right now we gonna tell ya how we are dog lovers wow!! So make no blunders dogs are the worlds wonders now let it thunder!! We doing it Dog!!

Doing it dog is a call to give your all and roll with your dog!! From morning wake ups til you say yup and take us to drain our cup than we are tired and happy pups!! So no fluff filler here just ruff playing near make’s us huff and veer(jeer) our energy clear so we can rest all night without a whimper or fear just mere delight cause everything is than alright!! Yeah we doing it dog!!

So that’s how we doing it dog, one more time in case you missed my rhyme the first time!! Working and playing the dogs is the heart of doing it all!! You gotta make them huff huff by engaging their energy fluff with appealing dog kind of stuff, this will get’em to puff their tongue and engage their love and than they ruff ruff now enuff said dont tread on their bed after their energy is led than their power is dead and after they are fed they can now be read a bedtime story about the glory now its time to end this rhyme so you will find some rest and than be your best, this is not a test, but is the zest and start of what’s in their heart so let’em bark and park their tired body parts to rest them up and set it up like fine art or an awesome dog cart tomorrow’s fun will be off the chart!! This is the spark that that hits the mark so now you know how it goes keep on doing it dog that’s the call now let me hear it all!!

“Hugs & Love” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

Come-on and give them some love love

Dogs and pups need all the awes and love even just throwing their ball for fun because they love to run that is happiness rule number one!!

So always give them a hug hug and show them love love!!

Now what is meant that time well spent is any time you can get to be with your dog and jet or just set out to find a path of relentless love which is just time together in stride that’s what defines man and his best friend’s kind, oh yeah canine is in our hearts and mind!!

So sit back relax and let your dog lick your face and give you his max that’s what dog loving facts are all about!! Unconditional love and acceptance are the gestures and part of the pleasures our dogs give, you can’t even measure these treasures just be proud and enjoy these canine endeavors!!

So always give them a hug hug and show them love love!!

Big dogs, little dogs, they all are part of this call!! Running, jumping, endless loving is how they roll so there is no lull just let’em dig a hole, stroll with you when it’s cold, and hold their toy like a tug of war ploy, so it doesn’t matter if you have mac or droid when you share your life with a dog there is never a void you will just always be overjoyed because they are so koi. I hope you like my rhyme so I can stay employed!! Like loyds of London I can insure you’ll always be bubbling and never troubling maybe mumbling or fumbling but never rumbling because these words are so humbling so just keep on loving your pup and let him ruff ruff that’s how we do this stuff!!

I just so adore their pure heart of gold that will never fold so you’ll always be sold when you hear it told dogs are mans best friend and should always be part of our blend with that the happiness will never end!! So let them mend your tough times and send you to better finds because they are of the unconditional loving kind!! Feel their pride, enjoy the ride, and always have a dog by your side!!

So always give them a hug hug and show them love love!!

“Dog Lovva” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

Well this the plan for all dog lovers trying to play with our dogs like no other, so go right ahead and smother them and make them wonder what’s got into my significant other! So even if your their brother, mother, or another, this is a jam about how to be a true DOG lovva!!

Our D-O-G s we need to L-O-V so go ahead and sing with me:  Many names define the canine, from the sly mutts we call working pups,  the ones that wowser us and we call silly bowser mutts, don’t forget the little runts that are so small in size but can yap and bark with so much heart and pride.  No matter what the kind you will always find it is so Devine to have at least one best friend that is on the doggy side!! No need to cover I know of course your a Dog Lovva!!

Now let’s start a club full of nothing but love hey this fits all dogs just like a glove!! So get down with the hounds, rise up with the pups and make everyday the canine way!! Morning, noon, and night is alright to hug’em tight, have a tug of war play fight,  walk with them under moonlight,  let’em use their might on a dog cart driven flight, this will all put you all at the height and make your canine and mankind bond out of sight!!  No need to wonder I know you are a Dog Lovva!!

Finally I say to thee,  this is  the key  and way it should always  be, so listen to me!! Like a golfer puts it on a tee, all dogs love to run free, but make sure they ain’t got no fleas, and most importantly don’t be a dog playing tease!!  We must please them even though sometimes its freezing when they need to be seizing the outside and rolling on a dog kind of ride this is the time to show your pride that you be of the Dog Lovva kind!!

“The Pretty Princess RAP” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

I am the Pretty Princess and I ain’t no pups mistress but I do know my business and have so much hipness!!  Now sit back and witness some of my fine fitness as I rap this rhyme with so much quickness inline!! Though this isn’t a litmus test but you will be impressed from the success that I will bestow upon the rest so it is my quest with all my zest for you to be my guest and grab a seat around my desk and let’s rap about how you can be your best!!

There once was a time I was kind of a pain in the behind, but now I am refined and am such a good girl inside!! I gained some pride and understand my ride is based upon some boundaries that have been defined. So no need to sign on any dotted line as you will always find pretty little me listening all the time and now we can share everything in our lives, that’s how we combine our minds and guide our climb to our prime and ride together always and forever with a synced stride, do you get my rhyme??

Now let me explain the scene with a little more detail of the theme that describes the dream of how we can team!! You see I know what it means when the boss says I mustn’t leave so I stay until he says lets play that’s the pretty princess’s way!! When he calls I drop it all and haul over to him with a smiling grin that’s never dim because I know not to sin that’s how I win!! I also keep on good terms and avoid getting on my siblings nerves! Though sometimes I can be heard howling some words as if I stirred the WooFPAK herd but don’t be absurd a pretty girl like me would never curse indeed, you know I only have angelic means and that’s always how I lean!!

So now you know how this pretty princess goes!! I can strut my stuff and always get the big dogs to ruff ruff, but my tamed ways, some that I have named are never lame and always keep me in the game so have no fear there’s  no shame here, I am just a dame, dear, that can flaunt her fame and steer it right in to light your flame and fill your day with constant play this is the Pretty Princess’s way!!

“Living Life Doggy Style” (East Coast YAP RAPS)

We see the sunrise and it ain’t no surprise we start our howling sighs!! Wake up and take us out here we go with a shout: Living Life Doggy Style!!

We make our way outside it’s about time what’s up with dat man we got a plan we gave our sound around an hour or so ago, you in slow mo?? you gots to let us hounds do our rounds and shake it up so come’on man wake it up!! Living Life Doggy Style!!

Yeah we got it going on right now in the yard playing hard we on guard ain’t no lard here just hard bodies near yeah you know some of our brothers are Rotties and it’s true our sisters our Hotties!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, living life doggy style!!

As the day rolls on our play goes on you take us to mush or run this is our wish for fun so let our tongues touch the ground as we roll all around!! Oh yeah living life doggy style!!

As the sunsets, we have no frets you bet, as we got to jet, met some energy sets so we got some energy debt thats how a doggy sweats!! That’s it, living life doggy style!!

Dinner time now so lets get some grub down open the fridge so we can do a little doggy binge than quiet it down, us hounds need some lying around!! Gotta catch some zzzzzs and recharge our batteriesssss so not a peep let us sleep, catch you in the AM when we will ride again, peace out until then!! Living Life, Doggy Style!!

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