Before The Fourth Of July Celebrations, This Annual Happening Already Catered To Dogs, Humans

Dogs present at an event at a park

There will certainly be a lot of Fourth of July celebrations but before it becomes busy for doggos to enjoy, the annual pre-holiday celebration at Ewing Park already took place.

Dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers were part of the pre-Fourth of July event.
– The celebration this year is the 38th time it was held.
– The event is called Arts, Crafts, Food and Music Festival.

The annual celebration is called Arts, Crafts, Food, And Music Festival and music was provided by the Sanctuary Jazz Band. Most of the songs played by the band are Christian music and dogs, dog owners, and dog lovers enjoy it so much. This is the 38th year that this festival took place at the well-known park in the area.


Aside from the music, there were lots of stalls that sold many things such as women’s clothing, jewelry, dog collars, and more. The festival lasted for three days.

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