Poochella Is Back For More And Your Dogs Could Enjoy Music, Pampering, And Many More!

Leashed dogs at an event

At a Glasgow hotel, doggos are welcome to enjoy the Poochela music festival, which is the alternative for canines of the famed Coachella. Doggos who will be at the Poochella will be pampered, given special treats, and will receive their own goody bags.

– A dog-centered event is happening at a hotel in Glasgow.
– The event is called Poochella music festival.
– Dogs will be pampered, given treats, listen to music and more.

Dog owners are asked to pay £18 per doggo. The event is organized by Dog Furiendly and there will also be a contest for the dogs that are best dressed. The best dressed female dog will be given the Bohemium Babe award while its counterpart will get the Handsome Hippy award. An A-list doggo will also be at the Poochella music festival. The event will be at the Radisson Red hotel, which is one of the most dog-friendly hotels in the area.

Dog owners, on the other hand, will get the chance to enjoy some drinks and a relaxed time with their doggo.


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