Musical Police Dogs? These Canines Are Getting Mozart Therapy To Improve Their Well-Being

Police dogs will listen to classical music

What a treat! Police dogs in Madrid will undergo music therapy Mozart style in order to improve their well-being.

– The 22 dogs with the municipal police force in Madrid, Spain will get some help to handle their stress levels.
– These dogs will listen to classical music.
– The dogs are part of the narcotics and explosives detection unit of…

The police dogs in Madrid, Spain will experience this great therapy soon. The municipal police force in the area said that they hope the therapy program will reduce the stress levels of their police dogs. These police doggos will be placed inside an air-conditioned roomed and will listen to classical music several times in just one day. This is known as the “Mozart effect.” A total of 22 dogs work with the municipal police force.

These dogs are especially trained to detect explosives and narcotics. They also are part of rescue missions when the need arises.


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