Wow, These Police Dogs Did A Really Great Job At A Music Festival – Busts Ecstasy Dealer

Police dogs

Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida is a fun-filled event but it is also an event wherein people die because of ecstasy overdose. This year, police dogs were able to bust an ecstasy dealer.

Police dogs were present at the Sunset Music Festival in Tampa, Florida last May.
– They were able to alert police officers about a man who had drugs on him.
– The man is believed to be an ecstasy dealer and he remains in jail.

The Sunset Music Festival was held last May 26 to 27 but details about the drug bust was released only now. One man remains at the Hillsborough County Jail after it was found out that he had a plastic bag with him that contained 29 ecstasy pills and two other kinds of drugs. The man is from Barnesville, Georgia and police dogs alerted their handlers when the man was at the area.


The man claims that the drugs were his but he did not intend to sell them because he and his friends will use it.

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