Police Dog Went To A Music-Related Event And He Got Drugged By Sniffing Ecstasy

A police dog sniffing for bombs

A police dog was deployed at a music-related event to search for drugs. While he was doing his job, he accidentally got drugged after he sniffed ecstasy in one of the luggage.

– A police dog was deployed at the Holy Ship music festival cruise.
– While checking a luggage, the dog was exposed to drugs.
– The dog is now…

According to reports, the dog was sniffing one of the luggage of the passengers and after sniffing it, the dog suffered a severe reaction due to drug exposure. The police dog was still able to alert the officials before the dog’s body reacted to the substance. True enough, the powder was discovered inside the luggae. A crew member of the cruise ship fortunately had a Narcan with him and this saved the doggo’s life.

The passengers were boarding the Holy Ship music festival cruise earlier this week when the incident took place. The dog is now under stable condition.


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