Play Music And Sleepover – These Acts Will Make A Doggo Happy

A dog and a human sleeping in the bed

A local shelter in Middletown, New York encourage dog lovers to have a dog sleepover with them at their home. They believe that sleepovers and calming music make dogs really happy.

– Short-term fostering of dogs in New York is a program that is ongoing.
– Dog lovers would volunteer to take the dog home for a few days.
– The local shelter says this works because dogs in the shelter need…

A dog trainer working at the local shelter said that dog lovers can commit to a short-term fostering and when they give the doggos back, they provide information to the shelter, which will be beneficial to find the perfect potential adopter. The shelter noted that even if they play music and be as attentive as they can be to all the doggos, there’s no substitute for the happiness that dogs get when they get taken home.


With short-term fostering, dogs are able to relax and volunteers become advocates. This way, they could potentially help a dog to find a forever home.

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