One Pittsburgh Bar Lets Doggos And Dog Owners Enjoy Music Nights, Other Bars Remain Dog-Friendly

A dog owner teaching his dog some tricks

A bar in Pittsburgh serves beer or other types of liquor to dog owners while they enjoy a night out with their friends – both those who walk on twos and those who walk on all fours.

A bar in Pittsburgh offers live music to dogs and dog owners.
– The live music may be heard during Thursdays and Saturdays at Federal Galley.
– Other dog-friendly restaurants all over Pittsburgh are…

The bar is called Federal Galley, which boasts of an outdoor beer garden where 100 people can fit. Doggos are welcome to listen to live music, which entertains the crowd every Thursdays and Saturdays.

Another dog-friendly bar in Pittsburgh is called East End Brewing. Doggos and dog owners have been welcome since 2004. Double Wide Grill has a separate patio for doggos and just this year, they had an event that let dog vendors set up their stalls and dog owners to show off their dog’s tricks. There were games and contests for dogs and dog owners during the event.


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