This Piano-Playing Doggo Will Make Your Day! You Should Support This Dog Because…

A beagle-basset hound mix

You see dogs that dance around to music or howl to the tune of many different songs. Have you seen a piano-playing doggo though?

– A dog was seen in a viral video playing the piano.
– The dog is so famous he has social media pages and a website.
– The dog owners are making the videos in order to help…

The dog is from Ronkonkoma, Long Island. The dog, a beagle-basset hound mix named Buddy Mercury, in reference to the late Freddie Mercury, could be seen standing on his hind legs while trying to reach the keys of the piano with his two front paws. The dog seems like a musical genius because he even tilted his head back then howled.

The dog owners said they never taught their doggo to do the things it does but they admitted that the dog gets a treat after every performance.


Buddy Mercury is quite famous as he even has his own website and Instagram account. The dog also has merchandise but the dog owners said they are doing these things to help other rescue doggos.

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