The People Making It Happen”




“We Are WooFPlay”

We are WooFPlay!! And we want to Rock you and your dog in so many ways keeping you rolling all day!! We play all kinds of WooFTunes to get you all to groove and unleash that pup fun mood!!

Our music are original lyrics that when you hear it will lift your spirits and make you want to be near it!! These original melodies with a few parody style themes are so much fun indeed including dance style grooves, heavy metal moves, ballad sung oohs, R&B style tunes, reggae style moods, and harmonizing style hues, will all prove to be what you’ve longed to listen to and need to feed your dog filled dreams!!

These jams that the WooFPlay band performs to inform all dog lovers about incredible dog wonders and how to let them release their thunder are under one record label that the WooFDriver has made able to be on everyone’s table and will enable all the fun and help you and your dog be a unity of one!!


It’s all about running, funning, and giving your dog loving!! Our songs run the range as we take the stage to rock and engage the dogs as they will phase on this WooFTunes craze!!

Our tunes will tell stories, describe glory and can send you soaring!! These songs can guide you to ride you with your dog on a touring haul or soothe your hound down after a day of running around!!

Whatever your dog’s passion we have probably sung about it in some creative fashion!! With a library of hits to fit you with fun rifts, guitar licks and an all dog shtick you’ll want to let it rip as it will give you a kick when you will hear all these endless ways to get your dog to play!!


So bring it on an listen to us do our stuff that will get you and your dog to ruff ruff!! From early in the morning when you hear your dog snoring until a little later in the day when it’s time to play we will bring the party to you in every way to brighten your days with sunny rays, so listen to what we say as the WooFPlay band takes it away!!

“The WooFDivas”

We control the rhythm and rhyme so make sure your In the right state of mind when you listen to us regulate all about the WooFDrivers fate and including all of his WooFPAK mates!!

We sing, ring, and bring it all from the WooFDrivers dog calls to the WooFDriver tour hauls, you will have a ball listening to our all!! This is the WooFDrivers divas call!! So when you hear us sing and harmonize together you might just want to listen forever!!

I am Diva Jackie here to make sure you are happy!I will beam and gleam when I sing about the WooFDivers team and all of his dog dreams!! I sang the chords about the WooFDrivers ruff board and how he hangs and bangs his wild side with his crazy zainey WooFDriver Slang!! Don’t let me forget I get the dogs to sweat with the tails of their evaporating wet! Now you know about me lets listen to the other divas bring their sing as they ring and flash their bling about more WooFDriver flings!!

Diva Rebecca here and I am the one that tells more about the WooFDrivers Fun!! I can be heard on fire as WooFDriver has his burning desire to sire his hounds and run them for endless rounds!! I also sing about the WooFDriver pit crews thing. They are the ones with the mission and vision to keep the WooFDriver sizzling and insure the equipment isn’t fizzling!! Now you know about how my songs flow, so lets get the PAK and go, as we hear Romany kick it in gear and ride us out of here!!

Diva Romany checking in to let you know how I am in with the WooFDriver spin!! I have Sung about many of the WooFDrivers reads and even sing lead on many of his parody schemes!! You can hear my softer side as I ride on the scene of the dog dreams theme!! But no need to wonder, as I can crank it up and create some thunder like on the WooFDrivers Snorunner!! So don’t forget when you jam out on a WooFDriver route give me a shout out because I have sung about almost all his routes!!

We are the WooFDriver’s Divas and we hope we pleased you!! Stay tuned for more WooFDriver wild rides and fun times because you know he is the WildMan with the loving hands and the pack daddy that always make his WooFPAK so very happy!! So you will hear us again soon on more WooFDriver tunes as he continues to ride and fly his dogs to the moon!!

“The WooFDriver Pit Crew”

The WooFDriver Pit Crew are the foundation of the WooFDriver’s creations!! The crew all work together to create whatever crazy schemes that I dream. They are most importantly friends and colleagues to me that share a passion to be the best we can achieve, and have pride and fun as we keep the dogs in mind and love the feeling that keeps us wheeling!!

Meet Jim he’s the go to guy that can always find out why!! He is an ideas man that thinks us out of almost any jam!! He is the quarterback calling the wrap and aligning the day so the WooFPak can play!! Jim gets the job done so we can have our fun!!

Chris is the master of mechanics and makes all our stuff dynamic, He will try almost anything to make the equipment sing the proper thing so it will work and last even on our most demanding task!! He fixes and hooks up all of our crazy stuff!! A thinker that loves to tinker!!

Dave is the formula one that assures our WooFDriver Tour is fun!! He is thorough and plans our trips to the finest fit!! He builds and nails the needs that present themselves with all of our crazy schemes!! He also films the team as they our rolling on these dog dreams!!

Mike is the arranger and stager!! that keeps us all inline and helps us find what we need to complete our deed!! He comes up with ideas and intuitive ways to manage our equipment and stage it so we can easily engage it in on any of our outings so there is no doubting we are prepared for any routing!!

Shawn Is the man supplying the fans by bringing these dreams to the computer screen!! He is a computer master that can always find a faster way for all our media to play and stay together even on our most complicated endeavors, so we can share worldwide all of these incredible times!!

The pit crew is the glue that is always on cue and ready to do the most complicated task and not even ask if it is possible, they just engage their passion and make it happen!!

“Jon The Man”

This is the story of Jon The Man that gave WooFDriver a plan And all the means to succeed on his dog dreams and lifestyle he has evolved!! Jon would teach WooFDriver the most important needs to negotiate almost any scene that might convene on his dog themed schemes!!

WooFDriver met Jon when czar and Hudson were around 5 years old!! They were great dogs but he had no real control which meant they sometimes had a somewhat boring lull!! Jon’s role and his goal was to train the boys to respect WooFDriver’s commands and respond to his demands!! Jon was regarded to most as the best dog trainer on our coast!! I must say my doubt was pretty stout to train a husky to obey its owner was considered an impossible task that if cracked would still not last!! I had heard the stories and knew the state of husky traits which told of their fates and would so relate to their uncontrollable state!!

After just my second lesson under Jon’s discretion we were walking my boys leash free and they were staying with me. This was my wildest dreams coming to fruition because of Jon’ s ambition, Intuition and in incredible system!!

Jon showed me how and wow!! Now my boys were my best pals!! Their behavior would enable me to take them almost anywhere they were allowed to be, and we could do so much more than we ever thought before!!

But my best find from all of our dog time was the friendship Jon an I aligned!!

Thanks Jon for your incredible wisdom, guidance, and this whole alliance!! You have helped me define my life and journey from these tremendous learnings!!

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