Ever Heard Of Party In The Park? It’s A Weekly Happening For Dogs, Dog Owners At…

A dog at the dog park

Party in the Park happens every week in Iowa City. Dogs are set to socialize and have fun with other doggos while humans can enjoy live music and other activities.

– Party in the Park is happening this Thursday again in Iowa City.
– It will continue throughout the summer.
– Doggos will be allowed to…

This Thursday, June 27, the dog park will be at Wetherby Park. Doggos will be given tennis balls and treats to play with. Aside from listening to music, humans can enjoy activities like dog-toy crafting and squirt-gun watercolor painting. Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department organized the event. To be able to attend, doggos must be at least 16 weeks old, has been fully vaccinated for rabies, be accompanied by a responsible person, and be on a leash.

The doggos that are not allowed to be part of the event are vicious or dangerous doggos, doggos with communicable diseases, and doggos that are in heat.


To see where and what day will be the Party in the Park, read the fun story by Philip Runia at – https://littlevillagemag.com/

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