Party For Sausage Doggos Help Raise Money For Music School

Dachshunds playing outdoors

Throwing parties for dogs are great but if it’s for a good cause, it’s even better. A party for sausage dogs helped raise money for a music school.

– A party for sausage dogs took place over the weekend.
– The event raised funds for Henley Music School.
– The charity that managed the event will use the money to put kids through music school by…

The party was attended by 25 dachshunds and more than 50 dog lovers last Saturday. At the event, there were homemade cakes, hot drinks, and music. The proceeds from the event were given to Henley Music School and the event was managed by the families of the pupils at the said school. This charity helps put kids through music school by providing their tuition.

As for the dogs, they also enjoyed games and contests like who had the waggiest tail and more. Doggos were also able to play with each other


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