Original Musical ‘Danny, Come Home’ Was Based On A True Doggo Story At A California County

An Australian Shepherd

An original musical was made by a man from San Luis Obispo County in California. The musical is about a doggo and it is inspired by a true story.

A dog controversy took place in 2010 at the San Luis Obispo County in California in 2010.
– The dog was adopted by a new family but the original dog owner went to claim the doggo back.
– A musical was then made by…

The musical is called “Danny, Come Home” and it was showed last weekend. The musical was based on a story that took place in the county back in 2010. The story was about a doggo, an Australian shepherd named Annie, who was adopted through the local Animal Services. However, the original dog owner later went to claim the doggo. But because the time has lapsed for the dog owner to claim Annie, the new dog owners did not really have to bring the doggo back. Because of this, a lot of opinions were written about the matter.

Eventually, the original owner got the doggo back. Years later, the dog passed away.


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