Jag – The Dude With A Tude (Opera)

Jag is the Prankster not a true gangster built like a tanker always smart like a banker. Some might say he’s a bit lazy but that’s just a hazy view so let me be clear that JAGsters not a crazy dude, though sometimes he can be a bit rude as he’s packing plenty of attitude!! Jag likes to say intelligence is bliss and synonymous with sometimes finding the easiest path to unleash his wrath of fun type fury this is jags story now go ahead and and bask in his glory!!

Czar’s Strength & Stature (Opera)

Standing tall looking like he’s ready to brawl it’s the Czar Bear looking so strong it’s his call. He roams the premise always protecting the tenants making sure there is no menace. One sight of him and any trouble will dim as his look is heavy and always ready to roll. It’s been told if you’re not packing heat or anything he can eat you better damn site retreat cause that’s when he flashes his teeth to let you know he will not be beat. Czar Bear is where beauty and strength meet not any kind of freak, just a Husky that is so sweet!!

LuLu’s Operatic RAP (Opera)

She’s a handful of loving that’s always bubbling trying to get you to do some rubbing on her soft skin that is so warm and trim. LuLu some might say is a fufu woof but when they meet her they’ll say oh oh and poof they are captured by her loving rapture with her tiny little stature. She can run with the WooFPAK but rather stay on your lap and take a nap so don’t give her no flap! That’s LuLu’s wrap and love as she always fits like a glove curled up beside us ready for her rub like a little cub she’s the one who will warm your soul and make your life oh so whole!


Hudsons Play (Opera)

Hudson as most of WooFDriver’s PAK has many names that in fact describe his mood like a game as he rolls through different attitudes it’s almost never the same and understanding how we view this will help us tame these sometimes bright flames and give us much needed clues which are the cues of how we can help our pups dance and move to their own tunes!! Hudson Hawk you know through my previous talk runs much faster than he walks. He of course is the mischievous one because of all the fun he can reap on everyone he meets. From a loving greet to a catch me theme, His challenging games can run the range and ensures all of our days are always full of play!!

Princess’s Beauty (Opera)

There is a dame that defines beauty and sunshine with her name as she brightens our day in so many ways. I’m talking of course about the Princess who is a force of one and a source of love. That’s right she’s got some might with her tight body she is firm like a rotti and is packing looks like a hotti. That’s of the blue eyed blond kind and you will always find she is looking so Devine. As beauty is only skin deep or in her case where fur meets what’s inside is the most important find and that’s where you realize that her glamour runs in a manor that reflects a heart of devotion with loyalty and love that’s always in motion this is her notion of life which creates her potion and might and makes all the WOOFS want to swim in her ocean of light.

Chase – The WooFMan’s Tune (Opera)

Chase me and I will chase you, make your move!
That’s the WooFMan’s tune!
Aka Chase, so rightly named, he’s always game to try and entice all to swallow his bait, pursue his mates.
Try to race, run and chase, everybody see the ruff house in space won’t ya?
In the WooFPAK he’s alpha and it’s known that he gonna set the tone for play,
And his mischievous ways, but that’s cool,
He gonna get em to drool with as little as a tail being pulled. Uhh
Or quick nab and bale, tails are wagging, he not bragging that’s just how the WooFMan sails
See, as a leader of no equals he gotta keep his eyes peeled for those in the PAK being deceitful,
He shall fear no evil, he can do no wrong… These are tunes in the WooFMan’s song,
Chase him he’ll get you, if you’re loyal then he’s for ya, he will teach you and won’t spoil ya, this is for you!
Cross him you lost!
Wanna get you then you got!
Being Alpha means he made it from the bottom to the top,
The Cream of the crop and the best in the pot,
I mean I’ve seen and don’t believe it this is real as big has got
I’ve seen another woof mistake and try and take his spot…
The way that ended he was probably better ending shot,
Dissolved in the tune, from the womb to the tomb,
Only WooFMan can make the WooFMan see his doom partner!


Zarro – The Hound With The Sound (Opera)

They call me Zarro
Because i do not have any sorry

And I don’t need to borrow
Climb the highest mountains of Kilimanjaro.

Can make a scary face of horror
Have you thinking bout somethings I’m looking forward to tomorrow

Nahh come on
My WooFPAK mates think their star-os
But I’m the one with the speedy run
They do not compare to me therefore I’m bar none
So shine some sun, let’s have some fun
And watch me get this done!! I think I’m having to much fun

Can you hear me now, I’m standing loud and proud,
With those howling sounds that’s how I get down
So don’t cha frown just pass me the crown
I’m looking to be WooFDriver’s main hound!!

Zarro….. is the hound with the sound
And that’s just how he gets down
Zarro is the hound with the sound
So don’t cha frown just pass me the crown

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