To Commemorate One Thousand Rescues And Its Fifth Year, This Organization Decided To Have A…

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Rescue organization Lu’s Labs has rescued more than 1,000 dogs and to celebrate their fifth year of operations, they threw a party to commemorate it. The rescue organization is at Alexandria, Virginia.

– A dog rescue organization celebrated its fifth year.
– The organization is called Lu’s Labs.
– The founder shared that…

The founder of Lu’s Labs initially volunteered at rescue organizations but eventually she came up with her own. The founder and her late husband came up with the organization but on the same year that they started it, her husband died. She said that their application for the rescue organization was approved on the day her husband died. The founder said she pushed through with the rescue organization because it was her and her late husband’s joint venture.

During the first year of the rescue center, they already helped 150 dogs. Now, they have rescued more than 1,000 dogs and they have over 300 volunteers.


Regarding the party, it was held over the weekend at the Arlington Rooftop at around 7 P.M. There was music, wine, beer, food, and prizes. The donations and the proceeds from the party were given to the rescue organization.

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