Oakland Dog Park: The Opening Ceremony For This Area Included Dogs, Music, And Fun

A dog owner and her doggo at a dog park

A dog park is one of the necessities in different towns and cities because more and more people are owning doggos. A dog park in Oakland was recently opened to the public and there were lots of dogs, music, and generally a great time.

Dogs attended the opening ceremony of the Oakland Dog Park.
– Doggos had fun doing lots of activities during the ceremony.
– There was also music provided by…

The dog park was opened on Saturday and around 30 dogs were at the opening ceremony. The theme of the opening ceremony was “Life Is Short. Play With Your Dog.” The dog park has fences, off-leash areas, and agility equipment. There are also trees at the park so that dogs can seek shade under them during a hot day. Benches are also installed at the park for dog owners to sit on while their doggos are at play.

During the opening ceremony, there were dog games, prices, music, a dog parade, doggie treats, and more. The music was provided by Casselman Valley Travelers.


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