Christmas Hangover: Children Were In Awe Of A Pet Parade

A dog wearing a reindeer ear

While Christmas music was playing in the background, children at the Aloe Elementary School overpowered the music because they were all squealing in delight. This was due to the doggos at the ninth annual Pet Parade.

– The ninth annual Pet Parade took place during the last week of December.
– The parade will be witnessed by schools and businesses that donated pet supplies.
– The dogs at the parade are from…

Some of these doggos even wore Christmas sweaters and the dogs ranged in sizes. The doggos are from the Dorothy O’Connor Pet Adoption Center. The Pet Parade is held at schools that have donated pet supplies to the adoption center. There are a total of 13 doggos that take part at the Pet parade.


According to the executive director of the adoption center, these dogs were carefully picked based on their behavior. Dogs must be able to handle stress since there will be a lot of children around them during the Pet Parades.

This year, 15 schools and businesses will witness the Pet Parade.

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